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DeLaval VMS™ the Ultimate Robotic Milking Machine 


DeLaval VMS™ milking robots are renowned for their operating efficiency and robust, around the clock performance. They enable you to harvest up to 3,000 litres of milk per day per robot and come as standard with four quarter milking and mastitis detection index (MDi) milk analysis technology, among other things.

The unique range of tailored VMS solutions, shows how to take robotic dairy farming to the next level.

VMS enables you to harness up to 3000 litres of milk per day per unit. It is equipped with mastitis detection index MDi technology and a cow calendar as standard.

Key benefits of the DeLaval Robotic Milking Machine


10 VMS teat preparation advantages

  • Independent system separated from milk lines

  • No pre-milking in the milking teat cups

  • Proven equally good or even better cleaning result than with manual cleaning

  • Intensive active skin cleaning (vacuum+water+air)

  • Proven to lower bacteria counts on teat surface, better than other methods

  • Special operational modes for cleaning dirty teats

  • Economical to use, no chemicals needed

  • No need to replace or disinfect brushes at regular intervals

  • Perfect stimulation and timing of milk letdown result in shorter milking time and less rest milk

  • Golden rule “Attach only on clean and dry teats” is well fulfilled.



  • Handles all cows easily

  • Easy and safe access to udder

  • Milking cups can be attached manually 

  • Milking of fresh and treated cows is easy to do

  • Switching between manual and automatic mode is possible whenever wanted


Robotic Arm

The arm model is based on a human arm’s flexible movement range. The multi-purpose arm easily accommodates high, wide or low udder               irregularities and teats with an inclination of up to 45°.

 The advanced robotic arm is...

  • Adapted to most cows, thus allowing lowest culling rates

  • Hydraulic powered, to assure low energy consumption

  • Safe for human beings and cows due to low running pressure

  • Fast and gentle

  • Runs with very little maintenance

  • Has the most compact design on the market

Quarter Milk Measuring

The ICAR approved NIR milk meters control

  • Accurate milk flow and milk amount per quarter

  • Conductivity per quarter for udder health

  • Blood/colour changes in the milk

  • Several of these components are calculated into MDi, milk detection index to find abnormalities, it can also automatically divert abnormal                 milk

  • MM25 milk meters use Near Infrared light technology, don't have moving  parts and the sensors don't touch the milk directly.

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