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DeLaval Body Condition Scoring

Body condition scores are often used as a critical measure of how effective feeding is on a farm. They should be measured accurately at specific times in the lactation cycle. Accurate body condition scores enable better feed planning, which helps to ensure your cows have healthy body fat reserves. 

Core benefits:

  • Provides daily automatic body condition scoring

  • Helps optimise feeding

  • Promotes increase milk yield

  • Supports improved herd health and reproduction


DeLaval BCS eliminates the guesswork and the inaccuracies of manual evaluation. The BCS camera is mounted on a DeLaval sort gate or onDeLaval VMS™. It takes a 3D image of your cows' lower backs every time they pass under the camera. It then calculates the body condition score of each cow and logs it in DeLaval DelPro™ Farm Manager where you can view graphs of individual animals, groups or the entire herd. DeLaval DelPro™ also notifies you if a cow falls below or rises above a certain score.


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