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Cooling Tank DXCE 


Core benefits​

  • Agitator blades at minimum speed

  • 500 - 1200 litres


Fast, effective milk cooling is the only way to retain optimal milk quality and command the highest milk prices from your dairy. DeLaval offers the best in modern closed tank technology with the DeLaval cooling tank DXCE.



All the tanks in this range hava an oval shaped base with a large cooling surface, so they can be coupled to high cpacity compressors. The tanks have a double revolving lid, which opens either vertically or horizontally for easy tank access. This makes them very suitable for milk rooms with low ceilings.

The DeLaval DXCE range is available in five different dimensions. This allows you to choose the tank capacity that suits your farm best and the right size to fi t your existing milk room.



Milk is increasingly sensitive to mechanical impact as its temperature falls, so our agitator blades run at a minimum speed. The specially designed blade layout minimizes air inclusion to avoid the formation of free fatty acid (FFA) in the milk. Rapid cooling – it takes just two minutes for the cold temperature generated at the bottom of the tank to be distributed right through the milk.


Cooling tank DXCEM

Super-sized tanks to cool or store large volumes of milk.


Core benefits

  • 14000 – 32000 litres

  • Two agitator shafts

  • Suitable for low ceiling rooms


The DeLaval DXCEM range is specifically designed to serve large dairy farms’ cooling demands with tanks ranging from 14 000 to 32 000 litres. With different dimensions and shapes you can choose the best capacity for your farm and the right tank size for your existing milk room.



As dairy farms are growing larger DeLaval caters to their needs. This super-sized tank is in response to demand for large capacity bulk milk cooling and/or storage. Each tank contains four independent DeLaval dimple plate evaporators for reliable milk cooling. When storing large quantities of milk above 12 tons, an alternative design to the medium sized DeLaval DXCE tank is required. This tank is available in two different dimensions. Now you can choose the tank capacity that suits your farm best and the right size to fit your existing milk room.



The unique shape of this tank makes it possible to use large evaporator surfaces without overdoing the outer tank dimension. Each tank has two agitator shafts which handle the milk delicately. The double revolving lid opens vertically or horizontally for easy access and it is ideal for milk rooms with low ceilings.


DeLaval Compact chiller CWC60, CWC90 and CWC120 for instant cooling


Core benefits

  • Possibility to cool milk on farms where traditional in-tank cooling is not enough

  • Provides fastest cooling rate of all cooling system types –> conserves milk quality

  • One-piece design makes it easy to install and maintain

  • Possible to install outside the building to conserve space

  • Built in heat recovery to limit energy use

  • Makes possible use of vertical tanks with limited cooling surface to store the milk

  • Designed with long working time in mind, double system to minimize risk of total failure

  • Three sizes (60,90,120) with possibility to integrate two units on one farm gives flexibility

  • Multiple compressors circuits to adjust capacity to actual milk flow on farm


The chillers come in 60kW, 90kW and 120kW models that can be combined to meet the specific capacity requirements of your dairy configuration. The compact and robust one-piece design of the chillers gives you the flexibility to locate them wherever it suits you best – away from high-traffic areas or even outside the barn.


Technical Data

  • Voltage 3x400V 50Hz,  3x230V 60Hz*

  • Nominal capacity 60kW, 90kW or 120kW for 38ºC ambient temperature and 1ºC water/glycol temperature

  • Double water pumps

  • 2 scroll compressors (60kW) 4 scroll compressors (90 and 120kW)

  • Voltage 3x400V 50Hz

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