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Herd Management

Dairy herd management technologies are now so advanced, being a DeLaval dealer provides us with the expertise to the latest technologies in parlour software, heat detection, somatic cell counts and even dairy cow body condition scoring. Whether your farm is large, medium or small managing a dairy farm is demanding so why not make life a little easier with the best parlour software?

We want to help you create a professional management system for your individual farm that will save you hours of work each day, give you better control of your herd and each cow which will help improve your milking productivity and profitability.


Many of you may have worked with DeLaval’s original professional parlour software alpro? If so wait until you see what the latest DelPro herd management software can do for your milking parlour or robotic milking machine.

If you’re thinking about Robotic Milking then look no further because the herd management tool with over 95% heat detection rate is here and can now be linked to your milking parlour or DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS. It’s name – DeLaval Herd Navigator™ find out more information to get these heat detection rates.

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