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DeLaval Vacuum Pumps 

Get control of your power consumption and enjoy the noise reduction.

Vane vacuum pump with frequency inverter and integrated DeLaval vacuum pump controller VPC for much quieter milking and energy savings of 30%  to  60%. Electronic control regulates vacuum levels: constant vacuum at 30%  to  50% capacity for milking, full vacuum for cleaning. Up to three DVP2700F can be controlled by one VPC in our multi-pump solution, managing up to 80 milking points.

Core benefits

  • Energy saving

  • Noise reduction

  • From ~ 900 up to ~ 2700 liters/min


NEW frequency drive controller, DVP-F, less noise and power consumption

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP-F is the solution for a modern dairy operation taken low energy consumption and noise reduction into consideration. DVP-F is created so you get the most value for the money!


NEW frequency drive controller, DVP-F

We proudly introduce the DVP-F for less noise and power consumption. DeLaval offers a new range of DVP, the variable frequency drive control. It is the same reliable pumps like DVP. Frequency control gives the opportunity to run the pumps on lower speed. During cleaning the highest need of vacuum resource is required; during milking the vacuum pump can therefore have a lower speed. Lower speed of the vacuum pump results in long life, lower noise and power consumption. Test result is energy savings of around 30 to 65 percent. Your investment will be paid off very fast. Since the pump is running at optimal speed the regulator is closed, therefore the regulation air noise is minimized. Low noise is crucial in modern dairy operation.


DVP-F a complete solution

DVP-F offers you a complete solution. The electrical motor is a combination of 3 phase induction motor and an integrated frequency converter. A smart control box is included with a LCD display for easy settings of the DVP-F. The display gives you a lot of valuable information and alarming for low oil level etc.


Optimise your milking system

DeLaval vacuum pump DVP-F range includes three sizes: 900, 1400 and 2000. Their stable vacuum ensures that regulators, pulsators and milking clusters work optimally to give a smooth, comfortable milking of the cow. The result is better milk quality and higher farm productivity. DeLaval vacuum pump DVP-F service intervals also match those of other DeLaval milking components.


All preventive maintenance can thus be carried out on the same occasion, which keeps service visits and costs to a minimum.

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