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DeLaval DelPro Software
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Herd Management

DeLaval DelPro™ is an integrated dairy management system for the most modern and for the most traditional of dairying systems: for DeLaval voluntary milking system VMS, and for stanchion barns.

DelPro automated efficiency enables better control of milk production; analysis of feeding effectiveness, and adjustment of feed rations in response to milk yield, with precise feeding from DelPro controlled feed wagons or feed stations; monitoring cow health; and breeding success. It provides decision support for every day - and forward planning.


DeLaval DelPro™ and reproduction


DeLaval DelPro simplifies breeding management and enables you to easily track reproductive performance.


DeLaval DelPro will keep track of when each cow should be ready for breeding, and will alert you when a cow should be observed closely to detect heat, so you can identify the optimal time for insemination. 


DeLaval DelPro™ and feeding


Managing feeding your cows is a demanding task. Good and timely information is essential to maintain nutrition at the level needed to optimize cow health and milk production, while keeping feed costs under control

Instant access to daily milk yield records


Daily milk yield records are one of the most important components in herd management, used to:

  • Calculate and evaluate feed rations

  • Identify cows in heat

  • Provide early identification of potential health problems

  • Calculate the actual lactation curve

  • Evaluate long-term milk production of individual cows to plan breeding and culling

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